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Canto em Trancoso

A pioneer and unique initiative in Brazil, the Canto em Trancoso academy was inaugurated in 2015 and since then has been taking place annually in July at the L’Occitane Theater in Trancoso (Bahia). Promoted by Mozarteum Brasileiro, in partnership with one of the most recognized coral organizations in the world – the Chorakademie Lübeck, from Germany – the Canto em Trancoso academy aims to provide training, improvement and opportunities for young Brazilian singers.


21/Jul. sat.

Canto em Trancoso

  • 18h30

    Closing Concert

  • Location:

    L'Occitane Theater

  • Teachers:

    Lucia Duchonova and Marcel Boone

  • Pianists:

    Karin Uzun, Rafael Andrade and Talita Martins

  • Carlos Moreno, conductor of Mozarteum Brasileiro Academic Orchestra

  • Soloists:

  • Giovana Simões Maropo, soprano

  • Havilá Desidere Lima Porto, soprano

  • Janaina Rocha Avanzo, soprano

  • Juliana de Souza Sampaio, soprano

  • Mariana Piuzana, soprano

  • Bruno Costa, alto

  • Caroline Rodrigues Braga, contralto

  • Felipe Cardoso Risatti, contralto

  • Alexandre de Souza Bianque, tenor

  • Daniel Bertholdo, tenor

  • Daniel Feitosa, tenor

  • Felipe Bertol, tenor

  • Paulo Lanine, tenor

  • Filipe Silva dos Santos, bass

  • Kaique Costa Stumpf, bass

  • Thiago Henrique da Silva Teixeira, bass


    Mozarteum Brasileiro Academic Orchestra
    Selected soloists
    Rolf Beck, director

  • Georg Friedrich Händel (1685 - 1759)


  • And the glory, the glory of the Lord


  • Thus saith the Lord, the Lord of Host

    Filipe Silva dos Santos, bass

  • But who may abide the day of His coming

    Bruno Costa, alto

  • And he shall purify


  • Behold, a virgin shall conceive

    Felipe Cardoso Risatti, contralto

  • And thou that tellest good tidings to Zion

    Felipe Cardoso Risatti, contralto

  • For behold, darkness shall cover the earth
    The people that walked in darkness

    Thiago Henrique da Silva Teixeira, bass

  • For unto us a child is born


  • There were shepherds abiding in the field
    And Io, the Angel of the Lord came upon them
    And the Angel said unto them
    And suddenly there was with the Angel

    Giovana Simões Maropo, soprano

  • Glory to God in the highest


  • Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Sion

    Juliana de Souza Sampaio, soprano

  • Then shall be eyes of the blind be opened

    Caroline Rodrigues Braga, alto

  • He shall feed His Flock like a shepherd

    Caroline Rodrigues Braga, contralto
    Janaina Rocha Avanzo, soprano

  • His yoke is easy, His burthen is light



  • Surely, He hath borne ou griefs and carried out sorrows


  • And with his stripes we are healed


  • All we like sheep, have gone astray


  • All they that see Him, laugh Him to scorn

    Alexandre de Souza Bianque, tenor

  • He trusted in God


  • Thy rebuke Hath broken his heart
    Behold, and see if there be any sorrow

    Alexandre de Souza Bianque, tenor

  • He was cut off out of the land of living
    But thou didst not leave His soul in hell

    Havila Desidere Lima Porto, soprano

  • Lift up your heads


  • How beautiful are the feet of them

    Mariana Piuzana, soprano

  • Their sound is gone out into all lands

    Paulo Lanine, tenor

  • Why do the nations so furiously rage together

    Kaique Costa Stumpf, bass

  • Let us break their bonds asunder


  • He that dwelleth in heaven

    Daniel Feitosa, tenor

  • Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron

    Daniel Feitosa, tenor

  • Hallelujah


  • Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron
    Tu os esmigalharás com uma vara de ferro

    Daniel Feitosa, tenor

  • Hallelujah