Mozarteum Brasileiro Academic Orchestra


A new symphony orchestra for Brazil

The Mozarteum’s expansion and diversification of its activities led to the creation of the Mozarteum Brasileiro Academic Orchestra (OAMB), which premiered at the sixth edition of the Música em Trancoso Festival, in March 2017.

Under the artistic direction of Sabine Lovatelli and conducted by maestro Carlos Moreno, OAMB has revealed high artistic potential since its first performances.

During the festival, besides staging presentations with established soloists, OAMB develops intense activity – including musical education actions in schools around Trancoso, free open air concerts, and masterclasses in which the musicians can improve themselves with professors from the best orchestras in the world.

In addition to the Música em Trancoso festival, the OAMB hosts concerts throughout the year. This includes performances for the prestigious Brazilian premieres of German soprano Diana Damrau, Russian soprano Anna Netrebko and the Azerbaijan tenor Yusif Eyvazov at Sala São Paulo and the “Night of Stars” concerts, which highlight Brazilian talent.

Aimed at developing talent, OAMB is renewed year after year, with the proposal of giving opportunities and artistic experience for the largest possible number of Brazilian musicians.

Scholarship grants in renowned European musical institutions are also offered for the improvement of the musicians of the orchestra.

We understand that the existence of orchestras can be directly associated with the sociocultural progress of a country. They are fundamental to education, they add value to cities and also create opportunities for those who wish to become professional musicians. These principles led Mozarteum to form the Mozarteum Brasileiro Academic Orchestra, as an additional collaboration to promote music in Brazil.